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Who are you today?

Meet our four rider types

At a first glance, cycling seems quite simple and straightforward. Just push the pedals and make the bike roll in the desired direction. Underneath the surface, however, pulsates something totally different. The unique diversity. The many ways of cycling. nnCelebrating the great variety of this the grandest of sports, we offer items that cater to four of the most distinct and prominent riders – The Climber, The Speed Junkie, The Weekend Warrior and The Dirt Lover. Who are you today?

The faster, the better. Hooked on velocity, the insatiable Speed Junkie always pushes for more. More power. More mph. More aerodynamics.n

The Speed Junkie

No mountain high enough, no road too steep. For the Climber, the uphill battle is a feast. And it goes without saying, that ultralight is the recipe for success.n

The Climber

After five days of tough work, the Weekend Warrior takes center stage. An all-out workout, a long or short ride? The mood decides. The fika break, however, is mandatory.n

The Weekend Warrior

Rides on Class 4 roads demand a different type of bike and a kit that allows you to stay dry, comfortable and provide some extra storage for extra tubes and energy gels.n

The Dirt Lover

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