Logistics: Sustainable shortcuts only.

At any given time, thousands of our garments are en route to retailers and athletes all over the world. By sea, by land, but almost never by air.

Meet Marie Nohlborg, Commercial Manager

Craft 2023 KPI's

01: 0% emissions from air freight by 2025

02: Increase the percentage of train freight by 2025

03: Active partnership with Clean Shipping Index

"Shipping by boat rather than air reduces CO2 emissions by 20-30 times."

Our stated goal is to minimize greenhouse gas emissions resulting from our daily operations. To achieve this, we select the most sustainable transportation method suited to the distance. As air freight carries a significantly larger carbon foot- print compared to shipping by boat or by train, we are working diligently to keep our containers from ever getting airborne. For 2025, we have a goal of creating zero emissions due to air freight, by carefully coordinating major deliveries and making customers demanding air freight compensate for the increased carbon cost.

To phase out air freight, we will actively select long- haul train freights as the preferred option for bulk shipping. The vast majority of our goods, though, is shipped by boat. As a member of Clean Shipping Index, an initiative aiming to push carriers to use cleaner vessels, we are actively working to reduce the impact of shipping on the world’s oceans.

However, the most sustainable journey is often the shortest one. That’s why we strive towards reducing the need for shipping physical samples and producing more items closer to market in the future. Today, we have production facilities on all continents, and our long-term ambition is to increase the percentage of local and regional manufacture.