Design: Made for the long run

Longevity is an integral part of our design process. Starting at the drawing board, the choices we make at the beginning of a product’s lifecycle not only shape how a garment looks, feels and performs. They also determine how long the garment will keep up with the athlete wearing it, and how it can be repurposed at the end of its natural lifespan.

Malin Caron, Concept Designer

Craft 2023 KPI'S

01: Baselayer lifetime guarantee program

02: Develop the Craft design checklist for all new styles by 2023

03: Track carbon footprint for all new products by 2023

"A Garment that stays in use twice as long reduces its carbon footprint by 49%."

A Craft garment should be a perfect combination of timeless style and tireless functionality, a philosophy that guides every design decision we make. We choose colours and patterns that won’t go out of style anytime soon. We select long-lasting materials that ensure that the garment will keep up with the athlete wearing it. We reinforce areas of wear and tear. We source quality details like buttons and zippers. By emphasizing functionality in the long run, our design process is decidedly on the slow side of fashion, which in turn translates into more kilometers, washes and workouts down the road. This is one reason why every Craft baselayer will come with a lifetime guarantee from the AW 2022 season.

Every product we design is made for a purpose, and the longer it fulfills it, the lower its climate footprint will be. Research shows that a garment that stays in use twice as long decreases its environmental impact by 49%. Making our garments over-achievers in the long run is one way of offsetting the carbon cost at the start of the lifecycle. The next step is to make a conscious effort to minimize them by developing a method for evaluating the climate consequences of every design by 2023.