Two powerhouses come together in the upcoming season’s most exciting collaboration. Driven by innovation and cutting-edge performance, Craft and Team Sunweb are destined to take the world by storm. Legs and minds that never give up. A team spirit in a league of its own. And innovative performance clothing with a powerful expression designed for epic moments. Let’s roll.

From the lab to the tour.

The challenge of exceeding the riders’ demands for high-performance clothing keeps us at the forefront of innovation. As part of this process, we maximize aerodynamics through comprehensive wind tunnel tests and optimize body-temperature management by having athletes swallow a thermometer, allowing us to study their body temperatures from the inside. Studies we use as a basis for choosing materials, seams and the placement of body-mapped ventilation.

Inspired by the road ahead.

Team Sunweb’s new racing outfit packs a powerful punch. The jersey’s strong red color reflects the team’s intense passion for racing while smooth lines celebrate the success that awaits on the road ahead. Red, white and black. This is cycling.


Dyneema® is a high-tech fabric used in crucial areas of the Sunweb Armor Bib Shorts to reduce the risk of abrasion wounds during cycling crashes. The Dyneema® fiber is 15 times stronger than steel, floats on water and is soft as silk. As a result, the Dyneema® fiber prevents the fabric from complete rupturing at crash impact, protecting the skin and thereby reducing the risk of serious injuries.