Products developed with care

We develop functional sports clothing designed to last over time and withstand tough environments and weather conditions. In addition, our products boost the user's sports performance.

Our clothes are part of the sports experience, an extension of the body – almost like a second skin. Your experience is our passion. Therefore, we develop our products carefully and with great attention to materials, function and quality. A second skin for us means responsibility, to you the user and also to the entire process. Our responsibility therefore extends from the individual and the product's life cycle to our coworkers and suppliers, transportations and ultimately, all of society.


Together we develop Craft Functional Sportswear. We want to generate happy coworkers who energize and give life to our brand. Our coworkers are our most important resource. The work environment and the wellbeing of our coworkers are therefore essential for us. We care about a good social environment for all coworkers and encourage a balanced work life. Since we are a brand that develops sportswear, we naturally inspire to a life of movement and good health. For most of us this is a matter of course, as it is to protect nature and the environment.


We work with suppliers in countries across the world, even in countries where work environment issues are not as prominent as in the Western world. It is therefore very important for us to establish good relations in these parts of the world in order to gain insight and influence in the societies in which some of our suppliers operate. As part of this process we participate in various initiatives for dialogue, along with both non-governmental organizations and government agencies. We are, for example, members of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), which is a business-driven initiative of social responsibility led by the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) with over 700 member companies.

The initiative covers all sectors and promotes a common auditing method and a code of conduct based on the UN conventions on human rights, children's rights and ILO conventions. The code places certain demands on the members' supply chain in risk countries regarding prohibition of child labor, forced labor and discrimination; occupational health and safety; freedom of association and collective bargaining; wages, allowances and other benefits; and protection of the environment.

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In order to live up to our responsibilities in the entire chain, we have established partnerships with organizations that create better opportunities for citizens around the world. Running Relations is one such example. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting young runners and their families, primarily in Kenya's slum areas, by providing better food, education and the opportunity for the runners to advance within their sport and thus get a better chance of getting out of poverty.

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Our vision is to be the number-one premium brand in functional sportswear. To reach this position, we must work for sustainable growth and a strong financial standing. The economic perspective of this work is crucial for our ability to influence partners, suppliers, regions and countries. A strong fiscal standing gives us long-term conditions for growth in new markets and development of Craft as a company, and more importantly, a great position to be able to influence those we work together with. That is why sustainable profit is important for our future success, in all aspects.


We want to leave as few footprints on earth as possible as well as avoid all kinds of environmental transgressions. This is a high-ranking goal. We work actively and in several different ways to ensure that our products are durable and of good quality without affecting the environment negatively. Our suppliers, for example, always follow the rules of the latest chemicals legislation (REACH) and recommendations for use.

We avoid using unnecessary additives in our materials. Many of our products are made of pure polyester. As far as possible we are careful not to mix polyester with materials that are not friendly to the environment or people. This practice also facilitates the possibility of recycling at a later stage. In some of our products we use pure wool. All our wool products are made of so-called non-mulesed wool, where no animals have been harmed in the process. 

Transportation is another important factor, especially since our production takes place in different countries across the world. Most of our transportation is carried out by boat, which is a relatively environment-friendly means of transportation in comparison with other alternatives. To be able to affect the shipping industry globally, we are members of the Clean Shipping Network. This organization works to improve the shipping industry and to ensure better sea transportation globally.

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