C1 Infinity

Offers the functionality and comfort required for elite performances.

INFINITY C1 offers cutting-edge function and comfort for elite performances. Featuring the finest materials and latest innovations, including bended side wings and front cup, the pad delivers exceptional comfort for the most demanding riders.

Brand-new, non-perforated material

The pad’s main material includes a brand-new, non-perforated foam that propels the airflow at high speed and that also increases the density. It is a new formula of reticulation on the first layer (closest to the body), a 60 kg density foam that makes it extremely soft and breathable, more than any other comparable foam. Eliminating perforation, we ensure a smooth and flat foam that offers a softer touch to the skin.

In addition, the pad’s surface fabric is made of exclusive Italian polyamide and features an innovative knitting design that creates large open spaces in the cells, which absorb humidity and provide efficient moisture transport. Also, a new perforated backing fabric is placed on the bottom of the pad to reduce friction against the shorts. This helps during pedaling to let the pad move independently from the shorts, following only the body movement.

Laser-cut foam

The patented Foam Cutting Technology (F.C.T.) is our latest laser-cutting technology. Traditional construction would create a stiff step between the two different areas but by using the F.C.T. we can remove unnecessary material in specific areas in order to obtain optimal performance and comfort at the same time.

Bended side wings

In order to create a perfect anatomical shape, the side wings and front cup come with a bended design. The front cup also has a debossed area that increases the space for the genitals, decreasing blood pressure and the sense of fatigue.

Eco-friendly approach

The new C1 design allow us to work on two separate parts of foams that are cut and shaved independently. This procedure reduces the waste of shaved foam with approximately 25-30%. 

Available in three sizes 

C1 is available in three sizes – XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL – with different densities in order to satisfy any rider’s unique demands and needs. The main dimension of the pad is the same for all sizes but the construction foams have three different densities (pressure energy).

DENSITY: 60 + 80/100/120 kg (depending on size)
THICKNESS: 4 + 12 mm