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Introducing Xplor – For every Aspect of You.

Inspired by the versatility of gravel bikes, Xplor provides the same capabilities, feeling like a road shoe on the pavement and a trail shoe on the dirt. Engineered and designed in collaboration with world-class bicycle tire manufacturer Vittoria™, with an outsole that provides unmatched traction and durability on any terrain. Whether you’re running on the road, the trail, or anything in between, Xplor is the ultimate road-to-trail experience.

The unique collaboration between Craft and Vittoria™

Introducing a groundbreaking line where cycling meets athleticism, we've seamlessly integrated best-in-class Vittoria™ bicycle tires as outsoles in our Xplor. Inspired by the rugged terrains navigated by gravel cyclists, the best-in-class Terreno Mix and Terreno Dry tires has been combined to create the ultimate road-to-trail outsole pattern, providing unparalleled grip on any terrain. Elevate your athletic experience with this symbiotic blend of two worlds, where running meets cycling prowess, creating a collection that's as resilient as it is stylish. It's more than collaboration; it's a union of function, style, and the thrill of the ride.

The Px-Foam

Px Foam™ is an ultra-lightweight midsole material that offers an exceptionally high amount of energy return while providing shock-resistance and flexibility. A single, natural foaming agent is used in making this green innovation without adding any chemical cross-linking agents. The process is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. In addition, raw and finished materials are completely reusable. The innovative foam has an extremely low density making it up to 20% lighter than traditional EVA. The reduced weight combined with explosive rebound make Px Foam™ perfect for every run.

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