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Vacchi Collezione 4.0 Share the Road

The interplay between cyclists and car drivers must improve. Lives literally depend on it. At Craft, we believe the road ahead involves mutual respect, understanding of both perspectives and most importantly new regulations.

Therefore, for the second year in a row Craft and Roberto Vacchi launch an initiative where we advocate the 1.5 meter rule, meaning that the distance to a cyclist during an overtake should be at least 1.5 meters.

If cyclists knew that drivers would pass safely, they would behave better and act calmer. The same goes for drivers. There would be mutual respect and increased safety.

There are still only a few countries that have laws that regulate the distance between cars and cyclists. Through this initiative, which includes the bikewear collection Vacchi Collezione 4.0 and a push to influence the law makers, we hope to bring about a change.

Let all of us who use the roads work together to increase traffic safety. Share the road!

Minimum 1.5 m overtaking clearance

Parallel and at least 1.5 meters in between. The orange lines in Vacchi Collezione 4.0 symbolize the mutual respect that should be a matter of course between car drivers and cyclists. These high-performance garments are not only a perfect choice for dedicated riders who train hard, but also a manifestation for safer roads.

"Whether we are sitting behind a steering wheel or a handlebar, we all want to return home safely, preferably with a smile on our lips."

- Roberto Vacchi

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