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Pacer W

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  • Introducing the Pacer, our most comfortable performance running shoe that provides exceptional bounce and stability for a smooth and speedy ride.

    An advanced performance running shoe that features a softer version of the successful Px Foam™ in the midsole, Pacer delivers a stable, smooth, and responsive ride with explosive rebound – perfect for speed training and every day running. Its lightweight construction provides a bouncy, energetic experience that propels you forward with each stride, while its minimal outsole design with hexagon lug pattern offers superior road traction for a secure grip on various surfaces. In addition, the upper is made from a lightweight and breathable material that provides a snug and stable fit. A sleek design and lightweight feel make the Pacer an ideal choice for runners seeking a fast, nimble shoe that won't weigh you down.

    Px Foam™
    Px Foam™ is an ultra-lightweight midsole material that offers an exceptionally high amount of energy return while providing shock-resistance and flexibility. A single, natural foaming agent is used in making this green innovation without adding any chemical cross-linking agents. The process is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. In addition, raw and finished materials are completely reusable. The innovative foam has an extremely low density making it up to 20% lighter than traditional EVA. The reduced weight combined with explosive rebound make Px Foam™ perfect for every run.

    • One-piece engineered mesh upper, made from 50% recycled materials
    • Px Foam™ midsole: superior energy return
    • Contoured chassis for reduced weight and premium comfort
    • Weight: xxx grams in UK size 5
    • Heel 39 mm, forefoot 33 mm
    • Drop: 6 mm

  • Upper 39% Polyester 39% Polyester-Recycled 10% Thermoplastic urethanes 12% Polyurethane Midsole 100% ETPU Foam Outsole 100% Rubber

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Softer, ultra-lightweight
foam with high energy return.

Px Foam™ is an eco-friendly, ultra-lightweight midsole with exceptional energy return, shock resistance, and flexibility. It’s made using a single natural foaming agent, without chemical cross-linking agents. The non-toxic process is environmentally friendly, and both raw and finished materials are fully reusable. With up to 20% less weight than traditional EVA, Px Foam™ offers a responsive and explosive rebound, making it ideal for every run.

Maximize road traction with
hexagon lugs and raised design.

Introducing our revolutionary minimal outsole design engineered for unparalleled road traction. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this advanced outsole combines a unique hexagon lug pattern with strategically placed raised lugs to elevate your performance to new heights. 

The hexagon lug pattern is not just aesthetically pleasing; it’s designed for optimal grip and stability on a variety of surfaces. The geometry of the hexagons ensures multi-directional traction, allowing you to confidently navigate twists, turns, and uneven terrain with ease. Whether you’re tackling urban streets or rugged trails, this outsole provides the traction you need to stay in control.

Sometimes we seek the latest technology to push our limits. And sometimes we’re happy for the little things like spending more time outdoors.

This particular shoe is something in between.

It is for those who can push themselves to the limit but also for those who find peace in stopping and taking in the moment.

Pacer W

1 400.00 SEK






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