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Finding Flagstaff

A journey to the hidden heart of running

The following campaign was produced in march 2020.

The idea behind it was to explore our ambassador Tommy Riv’s hometown, Flagstaff, the iconic Arizona city that has become the unofficial capital of long-distance Running. Then Tommy got sick. An aggressive form of lung cancer. At the time of writing things are looking better. Not good, but better. Initially, we decided not to air this. But when talking to the people around Tommy, they encouraged us to use it.  ”That’s what Tommy would have wanted”, they said. Eyes up. Stout heart.

Lumen SubZ Jacket

SubZ Sweater

How could a small town in rural Arizona become the centre of ultra and long distance running? Craft's athlete Tommy Rivs invites us to his hometown and gives (parts of) the answer in the film below.

People come initially for the optimal elevation of training. They stay because of the community.

Tommy Rivs

Products featured in story
Products featured in story
Products featured in story
Products featured in story
Products featured in story


The sub-zero Nordic winters don’t embrace with a gentle touch. No, they rather hit you right in the face. Born in this unforgiving land of frost, SubZ allows you to keep on performing even when the mercury collapses. Body-mapped padding and stylish cutting heat up the day.



In a place where the haunting darkness rule the day, light is an essential commodity. Drawing from this fact of Nordic life, Lumen comes with a glow-in-the-dark print that creates a uniquely stylish dazzle.



A lovechild of the epic Nordic rain and the eternal lust for running, Hydro opens up the fall season in a minimalistic yet colorful fashion. Featuring waterproof fronts and body-mapped taped seams, this concept turns any downpour into an uplifting experience.

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