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Find the perfect baselayer

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Find the perfect baselayer

It’s baselayer season!

Never let the weather decide what you can or can’t do. With the right gear, every day is a day that could, and should, be spent outside. No matter if the conditions are cold, wet, or windy, we’ve got you covered. You just have to layer up correctly. And remember, always start with the base.


Dry is our highly functional baselayer range made from advanced synthetic fibers that help you stay dry during intense training in mild conditions. Preferred by both world champions and everyday heroes.


Warm baselayers are made of smooth and highly functional synthetic fibers, keeping you both warm and dry during training in cold conditions. Expect great performance and great comfort.


Wool baselayers are based on natural fibers and keep you warm in really cold conditions, even when wet. These versatile and odor-resistant items work great for both low- and high-intensity training.

Dry is our super-efficient base layers made from polyester that propels the moisture away from the skin and helps you stay dry during intense workouts.

Warm is essentially the same thing as Dry only these base layers are made thicker with more yarn that helps you keep warm and dry in cold conditions.

Wool keeps you warm in really cold conditions – even when wet – but offer somewhat less moisture transport than Dry and Warm.

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