Fuseknit unlocks a new chapter in the world of sports. Combining seamless knitting with strategic seams, this innovative fusion adds a strong identity to our fabrics and products. The result is a new generation of sportswear with fewer seams offering a chafe-free, highly comfortable and stylish experience. Stretching from baselayer to shoes, the cutting-edge Fuseknit technology is infused comprehensively in our way of crafting clothes.

Smooth Comfort

Fuseknit includes cutting-edge knitting technology where the fabric is knit into a seamless tube, providing the basis for chafe-free and exceptionally smooth and comfortable items.

Creative knitting

This innovative technology enables creative 
knitting, including seamlessly body-mapped 
mesh parts and rib structures.

Sensationally Soft

Fusing everything into a seamless whole – including mesh and rib structures – Fuseknit items follow your every move with a gentle touch. Tough workouts have never been this soft.

Move Seamlessly

Join the Fuseknit revolution and move seamlessly from workout to city life and from urban to rural environments.


Designers note

"FUSEKNIT is probably one of my
favourite technologies we have created 
at Craft. Combining seamless knitting, 
(which immensely enhances the athletes’
comfort), with innovative design, makes 
the technology both versatile and uniquely 
functional at the same time"

Paul Laing, Design Manager, Craft Sportswear

Product range