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Packaging: Constructed to break down.

Unlike our apparel, our packaging is not meant to last. To minimize the longterm effects of everything that protects our garments, shoes and accessories during the journey to our customers, we make a conscious effort to use recycled or recyclable material that leaves as little trace as possible.

Daniel Högling, Product & Marketing Director

Craft 2023 KPI's

01: All bags used for packing garments made from sustainable materials

02: All labels, tags and packaging made from FSC®-certified paper

03: All packaging made to be 100% recyclable

"The packaging we use should leave as small a mark as possible."

This means that we use only 100% sustainable materials for all packaging, for every product and in every market. An example is that we have moved away from traditional plastic, instead using biodegradable plastic that can be decomposed by the use of living organisms, usually microbes, into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass at the end of its lifecycle. Made from biobased raw materials such as corn, sugar or cellolose. Our goal is that all packaging should be 100% recyclable after serving its purpose.

As for paper, all labels, boxes and tags that come with our garments are printed on 100% FSC®-certified paper, that’s sustainably sourced materials and has an audited trail from harvest to delivery.

But moving towards more sustainable packaging is not only about the materials used. In 2020, we launched a new, simplified system that eliminates the need for differentiated packaging by introducing three sizes that fit all: small, medium and large. A modular way of thinking that translates into less waste, as outdated boxes won’t have to be discarded, and more efficient use of space throughout the entire logistics chain.