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Winter Running

How to layering

Ready to pick up speed when the snow falls? Our Winter Running collection is built on a multi-layer concept that keeps your body temperature optimal no matter the outside conditions. Ensuring that air and humidity move as freely as you do, for winter runs with optimized comfort all the way. So don’t forget to layer up before you lace up.n

Baselayer – Comfort comes from within

To optimize comfort and performance, you must wear functional clothes all the way from the inside to the outside. Underwear and baselayer with a high degree of polyester create efficient moisture transport and keep you dry even during high-intensity workouts. Our range also includes baselayers that mix wool with synthetic fibers, offering excellent warmth, moisture transport and comfort during workouts in freezing conditions.n


PRO Wool Extreme X


SubZ Wool LS Tee

Midlayer – In the midst of it all

Remember that it’s always better to buy thinner clothes and wear multiple layers. This creates layers of air in between the garments that provide more warmth than one thick garment. And if it gets too hot, you can easily remove a layer. Our technical mid layers offer insulation and warmth while transporting moisture and excess heat to the next layer.n




CORE Trim Thermal Midlayer

Protective layer – Outside amplified

To protect against low temperatures and cold wind, wear a lightweight, windproof and/or padded jacket or vest outside the mid layer. Combine with thermal and wind-protective tights to keep your legs warm. Functional garments with thin padding at front and breathable fabric at the back make a great choice for workouts in colder conditions providing insulation where you need it the most while offering excellent ventilation for optimal body temperature.n

Protective layer

Vests and Shorts

Protective layer

Jackets and Pants

Accessories – Success is built on details

When weather conditions or intensity change, its’ great to be able to use the clothes to quickly and easily adjust the body temperature. Hat and gloves in various thicknesses are great accessories for this purpose. A so-called neck tube is also an excellent item for regulating the body temperature; pull it up to cover your face and ears if it’s cold, pull it down to protect the throat or put it in a pocket if you get too hot.n


Hybrid Weather Glove

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